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Silver Tech: Empowering Seniors Through Technology For Enhanced Quality Of Life




5 Weeks

Black Chips


SilverTech is a 5 week 10 hour classroom instruction program designed to give seniors (ages 50 and older) the skills necessary to navigate the digital world.  Students are taught basic computer usage, web browsing, introduction to social media, e-mail, internet safety and more.  Upon completion, students receive a laptop computer to take home with them so they can utilize the skills they learned such as connecting online with their health care providers, ordering food, connecting with family, etc. 


A. Bridging the technology gap for seniors

   B. Promoting digital literacy and skills

   C. Enhancing social connection and engagement

   D. Facilitating telehealth access and utilization


Program Components

   A. Digital Literacy Training

      1. Introduction to basic computer skills and internet usage

      2. Understanding different devices and their functionalities

      3. Navigating online platforms and applications

   B. Internet and Communication Skills

      1. Email and messaging applications

      2. Video conferencing and virtual communication tools

      3. Online social networks and community engagement

   C. Telehealth Education and Support

      1. Introduction to telehealth services and benefits

      2. Using telehealth platforms for remote consultations

      3. Assisting with telehealth equipment setup and troubleshooting

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