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About Us

Access to technology is a right, not a privilege.


Founded in the year 2000, the Organization to Provide Equal Access to Technology (OPEAT) is an organization dedicated to the exploration and application of technology in our modern society. We have two broad missions. One mission is to provide a home and resource to young people who love technology. We do this by developing the best educational technology programs for students with an emphasis on bridging the gap between academically and economically at-risk and mainstream students. Our programs are based on curriculum models based on best practices developed by our staff and in full compliance with the guidelines of Guilford County Schools and the North Carolina Department of Instruction. Our other mission is to identify and develop opportunities to extend the use of technology to enhance the delivery of information and to provide a resource to anyone or business where technology will improve the quality of life.


OPEAT's latest initiative, the Sustainability Resource Center, serves to refocus the application of technology towards the area of sustainability and provide a gateway to local, state and national resources in this area along with the related areas of food access, nutrition, and health and wellness. We offer counseling, seminars, volunteer opportunities and workforce development in these areas as well as the opportunity to explore, test, and implement new technologies.

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