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ITF Certification Program: Building A Solid Foundation In IT Fundamentals




5 Weeks

Black Chips


Thinking about a career in information technology? Earning this certification credential will let potential employers know you have entry-level IT knowledge and skills. The course covers information technology concepts and terminology, infrastructure, applications and software, software development, database fundamentals, and security – to prepare you to pass the CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam for certification.


A. Providing a comprehensive introduction to essential IT concepts and skills

   B. Building a strong foundation for further IT career development

   C. Enhancing the employability of individuals in various industries


Program Components

   A. IT Concepts and Terminology

      1. Overview of computer hardware, software, and networking

      2. Common IT terminology and acronyms

      3. Understanding data and information management

   B. Computer Hardware

      1. Components and functions of a computer system

      2. Computer assembly and troubleshooting

      3. Peripherals and mobile devices

   C. Software and Operating Systems

      1. Introduction to software types and licensing

      2. Operating systems and their features

      3. Software installation and troubleshooting

   D. Networks and Connectivity

      1. Basics of computer networks and network components

      2. Network protocols and addressing

      3. Internet connectivity and security

   E. IT Security and Privacy

      1. Common security threats and vulnerabilities

      2. Best practices for securing personal and professional information

      3. Understanding privacy and ethical considerations in IT

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