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CompTIA A+Certification Program: Building The Foundation For IT Professionals




5 Weeks

Black Chips


This course is intended for participants who have completed the CompTIA A 220-1001 course or those with equivalent experience who want to expand their knowledge and skills concerning computer maintenance. Topics include IT security fundamentals, software troubleshooting, and operational procedures. Upon completion, students should be able to provide customer support to properly diagnose, troubleshoot, install, configure, and maintain PC operating systems and software. In addition, students should have the ability to successfully pass the CompTIA A 220-1002 certification exam.


A. Developing foundational knowledge and skills in IT hardware and software

   B. Preparing participants for entry-level IT support roles

   C. Facilitating career advancement opportunities in the IT field


Program Components

   A. Hardware Fundamentals

      1. Introduction to computer components and architecture

      2. Hardware troubleshooting and maintenance

      3. Peripheral devices and connectors

   B. Software Fundamentals

      1. Operating systems and software installation

      2. Troubleshooting software issues

      3. Security and data management

   C. Networking Fundamentals

      1. Network types and protocols

      2. IP addressing and subnetting

      3. Troubleshooting network connectivity issues

   D. Mobile Devices and Operating Systems

      1. Mobile device hardware and software

      2. Mobile device troubleshooting and configuration

   E. IT Operations and Procedures

      1. IT best practices and procedures

      2. Safety and environmental issues

      3. Professionalism and customer service skills

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